Wow, You’ve Got Something There! – Sandwiches from Finch’s

Nightmare. Creamy, salty and


Butcher paper in pale brown reminds me of the 1950s, a yesteryear long ago when people were not as time crunched, items where prepared locally and with care.  Food shopping was a community affair, as things you purchased at a local butcher shop, bakery, and independent grocery store would support people in your community. 
So when businesses today choose to package their goods in butcher paper and twine, they are trying to invoke that bygone era and signify their products are made with care and quality.  Let’s be honest, it’s a lot more inviting than plastic wrap and Styrofoam.
Certainly the proprietors’ of Finch’s are making that statement.   When you walk in, the space is small but cozy & warm.  Of course there on their counter was large roll of butcher paper.
So with anticipation I opened my pale brown parcels to see if the sandwiches would meet the expectations.   
For the pear, blue brie, prosciutto and roasted walnut sandwich that’s top off with a drizzled of oil & balsamic vinegar, I was looking for consistency.  The mark a good eatery is the ability to produce great food day after day.  It shows the owners & staff care about the standard of their food.  The sandwich delivered; it was just as good as previous orders I had consumed. 
The sweet pear balanced off the salty prosciutto while the tart balsamic vinegar toned down the creaminess of the blue brie.  Personally I think the unsung hero is the roasted walnuts. Since they are a little creamy, a little salty and a little sweet they help harmonize the other bold flavours.  All this is served in a baguette with a crisp crust that yields to a soft fluffy interior.
I was really curious about the Avocado, Edam cheese, roasted walnuts, cucumber and lettuce sandwich top off with a drizzle oil and balsamic vinegar. 
It’s really green!  I was concerned it would be like eating a salad in a baguette.  The thought just is not appealing. 
Despite my reservation, the sandwich does works.  The flavours in this vegetarian sandwich are not as in your face as the pear sandwich.  It’s creamy from the Avocado and roasted walnuts and the cucumber and lettuce provide a refreshing balance.  What makes the sandwich work is the Edam cheese.  The saltiness of the cheese heightens all the flavours of the sandwich and provides some oomph.  My last bite of the Avocado sandwich didn’t have cheese and its presence with sorely missed.

So if you use butcher paper & twine, you better deliver the quality you are insinuating.  The two Finch’s sandwich I purchased certainly did.

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