Wow, You’ve Got Something There! – The Taste of the West Coast from The Crab King

Every so often, in addition to memorable tastes, words in amusing sequences form in my consciousness and remain with me for days.  They flit and flutter in my head.  Often, it is just one witty phrase that perfectly describes a meal I’ve had.  However, for reasons unbeknownst to me (maybe it was the beautiful day in which I enjoyed my meal), my recent visit to the Crab King spawned so many neat word combinations that it naturally formed a poem.
So for your enjoyment (hopefully), rhyming verses about a seafood shack.

I sought quiet respite in a land far away,
which looks more once upon a time, than present day.
Heartbreak!  My Canucks, lead by Cory,
went due south but could not claim glory.
I moved, with bright sunshine casting a warming glow,
forward on wooden planks to my target below.
Nestled among sea faring vessels,
a shack serving clams, crabs and mussels.
A bounty of seafood, a west coast feast I seek!
A crab boil, much cheaper at home, one might critique. 
I retort, try things once to gather,
grand stories to tell one another.
Waiting, we watched the murky brown water lapping
around the still hulls of trawlers not out working.
Eager to make tunes of cracking sounds,
our cooked meal arrives we pounce like hounds.
A whole Dungeness crab sits regally on top.
Once extracted, its meat is firm with a sweet pop.
Delicious is this prepared fresh crab,
fishing from its shell, more meat I grab.
Clams and mussels, opened wide, adorn the platter.
They are tender and plump, great with garlic butter.
They flavoured the cooking water used,
maybe parsley and garlic, I mused.
Two skewers of grilled seafood were also present:
A white fish, salmon and shrimp but skill was absent.
Chewy and dry, too long on the grill,
the cubed morsels were not a big thrill.
First crab, then bivalves are the tasty attraction
but corn, spuds and shrimp round out the presentation.
Laughter echoes, as errant shells fly
from clumsy use of tools we rely.
Needing a recess within greater Vancouver,
I found it near a pier by the Fraser River.
With the tasty crab by the Crab King,
I feel a happiness renewing.
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