Wow, You’ve Got Something There! – Roast Beef Sandwiches from The Side Door at The Flying Pig

It’s been nine months since my office moved from the hinterlands of Yaletown to the heart of Gastown.  Initially, I thought this would be a huge food win for everyone at my office.  The restaurants close to our new digs are creating food at a higher level than the ones near our old workplace.
However it has not quite been the food bounty I anticipated.  After work drinks and dinners have been great but finding lunches that work with our office has been an issue.
Part of the problem is that our company has a culture of “Grab and Go” for lunch.  We grab take out so we can: 
A) Work at our desks during our lunch hour OR 
B) Go for a walk to enjoy the sunshine, when available (our office are firm believers in Vitamin D)

As a result, we haven’t been able to eat at some of the nicer restaurants that offer a sit down lunch in Gastown.  There also doesn’t seem to be as many eateries that cater to office workers that need a “grab and go” lunch.  In comparison, the eastern blocks of Robson Street is full of eateries offering a diverse range of cuisines of fast lunches.
I never thought after all this time, we would struggle to find new go to places to quickly get lunch within a short walk. 

When I learned that The Flying Pig on Water Street would be offering a sandwich takeout counter I was happy to give them a try as it would fit our office lunch M.O. perfectly. 
The Side Door at the Flying Pig is located on Abbott Street around the corner from the main entrance on Water Street.  The space reminds me of a small wooden barn or large work shed, with a side door, when opened, allows one to see into the main dinning room of The Flying Pig. 

The menu is small with 2 regular sandwiches, 1 daily special sandwich (changes regularly), a 3 pea soup, a daily soup (changes regularly) and 2 types of salad to choose from. 

I’ve tried the TFP Chopped Salad and the 3 pea soup which are made with quality ingredients and tastes fine but doesn’t standout for me.  

I found the 3 daily soups I tried to be above average, especially the roasted fennel and parsnip and cream of celery, which were rich without being heavy, complex in flavour and actually tasted like the feature vegetable.

However the Roast Beef sandwich had the biggest “Wow” factor for me.  The roast they use must be prepared in house.  Unlike the soggy, pressed and salty deli counter variety, The Side Door roast beef was savoury and actually tasted like beef.  

Most importantly, check out the pinkness of the meat.  That’s right The Side Door uses beef that’s Medium/Medium Well which is very uncommon when it comes to sandwiches.  As you can guess the meat is juicy, tender and works well with the soft roll they deploy.

The sandwich is toasted with thick cut tomatoes, thinly sliced red onions and cheese.  The sandwich is finished off with mayo and arugula.  

All the ingredients work together to create a great roast beef sandwich; definitely something I would make at home if I had left overs from a Sunday roast.  

The only issue I have is that they place a pickle on top of the roll which makes the bread a bit soggy.

Overall, I think The Side Door at The Flying Pig offers food that is good enough for it to become an office favourite for grab and go lunches.  Personally, the roast beef sandwich is the reason I’ll continue to return to this spot.

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