Wow, You’ve Got Something There! – Chicken, Pork and Shrimp Tacos from Gringo

It’s been awhile since I went into rhyme mode.  I hope you enjoy my poetic review of Gringo.

With the chef chopping to the beat of the rock song,
I watched the falling autumn leaves flutter along.
In old Blood Alley, I was far from Mexico.

Americanized tacos are made and served here.
A break from work, Orange Fanta instead of beer,
to wash down Gringo’s 5 offerings in taco.
I was dismayed such little white shrimps in a green
Chimichurri sauce was on my soft taco seen.
But the crustaceans were snappy and delicious.

The pork, called Matzatlan, had a smoky flavour,
Was shredded, tender and a delight to savour.
The pairing of pickled onions was judicious.
The chicken was coated well with Southwest spices.
With tomato salsa, the taco entices
The palate with ground cumin and coriander.
The Chuck taco like another U.S. Import,
A Taco Time beef taco found in a food court.
Unimpressed, I wish this filling tasted grander.

The veggie taco had lots of variety,
Plenty of rice, corn, beans – 2 kinds, and zucchini.
However, to me it was mushy and boring.
There were some misses but I will be returning
To Gringo with its bright pastel coloured seating,
For their shrimp, pork and chicken taco offering.
How to get to Gringo:
I actually got a bit lost trying to find this place thanks to Google map, so here are some instructions.  

I think the easiest way to get to Gringo is to walk to along Water Street until you see the Boneta hanging sign. Enter into the court located there and cut through until you reach the alley. Turn right.  Gringo should be short walk from there, look for an awning.
Gringo on Urbanspoon

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