Wow, You Got Something There! – Sliders, plus Golden Tater Tots

Not tiny sliders.
Varieties to choose from
Awesome tater tots.
Simply called Sliders, the restaurant is utterly devoted to selling those popular mini burgers.  It seems odd that it has taken so long for someone to do this since we have shops devoted to specific foodstuffs like ramen, donuts, crème brule, etc.
After sampling a lot of the menu, I liked my meals at Sliders.  Although, not every selection I tried was a winner but enough of them were.  The sides were also a huge selling point for me; they were prepared well, in particular the tater tots.

Each slider uses are solid brioche bun to cradle all the various fillings.  The sliders were larger in size than I anticipated.  A combo of 2 sliders, a side, and a drink was more than enough to fill me up.  Since I tried a lot of the sliders at the restaurant and as take-out (the to-go container is pretty neat, like a macaron box but for baby burgers), I’m just going to list the baby burgers, the sides and my commentary.
Oyster Po Boy: The oysters were well prepared – crunchy on the outside and just cooked enough on the inside.  As a result, the bivalve was juicy.  The sour onions (that bit of pink sticking out in the pic) were a nice compliment to the deep fried umami rich seafood.
Pork Belly B.L.T.: The actual meat portion of the pork belly was dry, but the fatty parts were delicious.  Paired with tomatoes, lettuce and mayo, this slider was a fancier but solid take on a classic B.L.T.
Korean BBQ: Filled with grilled beef, onions, mayo and kimchi, this was a slider I didn’t like as much.  I thought the mayo and kimchi overwhelmed the ensemble.  The beef was missing in action and as a result, this mini burger tasted like kimchi more than anything else.
Braised Beef Cheek: This slider was packed with shredded beef cheeks and mushrooms.  The filling was super moist and intensely flavoured.   This was simple but yummy.
Pulled Duck: This mini was inspired by Chinese Peking duck.  It incorporate elements like hoisin sauce, ice berg lettuce, five spiced seasoned duck and green onions.  Unfortunately I didn’t feel this slider worked as the duck was dry and the lettuce was very wilted.

Beef Dip: This was a shrunken beef dip, complete with an itty bitty container of au jus.  There was lots of moist slices of beef between the brioche bun.  Much like the braised beef cheek, it was simple but tasty.  Cod Nugget: This was a better version of McDonald’s Fish Filet with several little crispy chunks of cod and fresh slaw.  The cod had a nice sweet flavour.  I enjoyed this slider a lot.
Butter Chicken:  There was a lot of aromatic, tangy creamy butter chicken sauce and not as much chicken.  However I liked the sauce and as a result I enjoyed this baby burger.  Porchetta:  It’s not easy to achieve perfect crackling that is super crunchy but dissolves nicely with a few chews.  Unfortunately, Slider’s crispy skin were hard and didn’t have that crystalline texture.  As a result it was somewhat jarring to eat this slider.
Coleslaw: All the shredded veggies were very fresh.  The slaw was lightly dressed.  The little bits of sweet pineapple worked very well with the cabbage.  Overall this was a crisp and refreshing side.


Tater Tots:  These were awesome!  The tots were fried perfectly.  Each potato gem is a rich golden brown, crunchy on the outside and soft but with a bit of texture on the inside.  Making them even better is the potato nuggets are tossed with seasoning similar to togarashi.  The seasoning made this side even better.  I’m very enamored with these tater tots; so much so that these tots are a huge reason why I would return to this restaurant.
Out of the nine sliders I tried, I would order six of them again with the cod nugget and beef cheeks being my favourite.  Even more importantly, the tater tots were delicious and a draw for me as well.
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