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Sticker Shock Pizza
Foldable N.Y.C. Slices
Worth the hefty price.
I like thin simple pizza so I’ve been enjoying the Neapolitan wave that has swept thru the city in the last few years.  Although I’m not in an exclusive relationship with the Neapolitan style, as long as it’s on a thin crust topped with quality toppings, I’m open to trying other varieties.  Enter Straight Outta of Brooklyn NYC Pizzeria. 

This new pie slinger serves New York style pizza by the slice on Robson Street across from the Vancouver Central library. 
From watching all those TV shows based in New York City, my observations is that NYC pizza is large, foldable and only has a few toppings.  Too be honest after trying Straight Outta of Brooklyn, the slices are similar to Neapolitan without all the exacting standards. 


The slices go for $3.25 – $4.25 per, depending on the toppings on the pizza.  For the price, Straight Outta of Brooklyn slices are ¼ of a 14 inch pizza – making them pretty large.
On my first visit, I decided to grab a whole Meat pie to take back to the office.  As I waited for my pizza, I definitely observed some sticker shock as saw people wander in and then promptly head back out.  In a previous life, the space used to be $2 per slice pizza place and I guess that’s what some people were expecting.


The Meat pizza is a tomato sauce based with ham, salami and sausage.  In researching NYC pizza, it was noted in that the toppings always sat on top of the cheese, which was the case with my order.


Lifting the pizza, there was a bit of charring or leoparding on the bottom like a Neapolitan.  The crust had a nice chewy texture and was seasoned.  The ingredients were good and notable.  I detected a nice fennel flavour in the sausage.  It was a very enjoyable experience.   


A week later, I returned to try the most unusual pizza on the menu: the Clam.  The Clam is a white pizza and definitely not an NYC import.  This pizza originates from New Haven, which is kind of close to New York, I guess. 


The Clam, with its garlic topping, was very aromatic and its smell filled my office quickly.  In addition to clams, there was the aforementioned garlic, parsley and lemon (which I think was squeezed on the pizza after coming out of the oven).  Like the Meat pizza, there was charring on the bottom and the crust was perfectly chewy.  


The clams themselves were bland and I felt their texture was a bit weird in pizza.  As a whole, when all the toppings are eaten together the pizza was not bad and lighter than I expected.  However I don’t think I would order it again as I prefer tomato sauced pizzas.  I would be interested to see if clams could work on a red pizza.
The Meat and Clam pizzas are only available as whole pizzas.  For the sake of thoroughness, I wanted to check out how slices compared and returned for a slice of Pepperoni and White (aka their cheese pie).
The staff will re-heat your slices after you’ve picked out what you want from what is available on the counter.  However, I think they left the slices in too long as I found the bottom of my slices too charred which imparted a bitter taste to my Cheese slice.  In addition, I found the crust tougher than my when I purchased whole pies. 


Many circular slices of pepperoni adorned the slice.  I could taste the each individual ingredient from the cheese to the tangy sauce.  The pepperoni slice was simple and satisfying.


The White contains 4 cheeses: mozzarella, smoked provolone, grana padno and ricotta.  Given the amount of cheese used, the slice wasn’t heavy.  The ricotta cheese was the only cheese that stood out in terms of taste.  The occasional pop of garlic made the slice a little more interesting.  Overall I found the slice bland (minus the bitterness from over charred bottom) and I probably would not reorder it.
The pizza served by Straight Outta of Brooklyn is not cheap but the quality is well above the $2 a slice places like Freshslice.  Given the choice, I rather pay the extra money.  Since I have the option (my colleagues don’t turn down good pizza), I will continue to purchase whole pies from this Robson Street pizzeria.

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  1. grayelf says:

    Ordered four pies from SOB tonight. Standout was the Fresh one. Crust is flavourful here which I like, and agree it is better on the whole pies than on the reheated slices.


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