The Meh Files – Zero Zero Pizza except the Monti

New Zero Zero
Serving Square Rome style Pizza
Crosstown a Changing
Within the half block of Abott Street that already contains high end tacos, soft serve, and coffee, naturally an expensive pizza shop sprung up.
Zero Zero sells take out pizza modeled after the type you can find in Rome, which is very different than the Neopolitan and thin crust pizza that has swept through Vancouver in the last few years.

In the old country, Roman style take out pizza (also called pizza rustica or pizza al taglio) is baked in rectangular pans, sold by weight, have a thicker crust, and use more toppings.  When in Rome, do as the Romans but this is Vancouver, so localization has occurred at Zero Zero.  Instead of being sold by weight, they offering pizza in 4.5 – 5 inch by 4.5 – 5 inch slices for  $4.00 – $4.50.
Over a few visits, I got the common varieties that were available.  I even weighed each slice (work has a postal scale and it’s set in grams), for science and my curiosity, as there is an eatery in town that does sell a similar style of pizza by weight.  I will get to that later.
For the Pata Pancia, I noticed the thinly sliced potato, prosciutto, rosemary and pea shoots.  The crust was thinner than the other selections available.  The carby platform was crispy but was also light.  The main flavours I got from this slice was the rosemary, which I’m not a fan of,  and the salty ham.


I also found the Pata Pancia was very greasy in comparison to the other kinds of pizza I tried.  I was curious if the oiliness came from the listed scamorza cheese that I really didn’t notice.


The Margherita is comprised of the classic trio of simple basic mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil.  It was really cheesy.  It was not my favourite; in general I find Margherita pizzas boring.  However once again the crust was not dense at all and was enjoyable.


The Salame consists of 3 kinds of cured meats: spicy salami, soppressata and Genoa salami.  This trio of meat rested on mozzarella and tomato sauce.  Once again the crust was great.  Unfortunately I felt this piece tasted more like the cheese than the meat toppings.  I would have preferred more salami.
The Italia was interesting, as I’ve never had eggplant as a pizza topping.  This vegetarian options had the aforementioned aubergine, cherry tomatoes, bocconcini and arugula.


The eggplant was salty, sweet and a touch bitter.  I liked the different tastes of the various veggies and as a result enjoyed the Italia.
However, the Monti was my favourite pizza available at Zero Zero.  It was the heftiest option I tried, with a thicker crust and loaded with mushrooms, seasoned sausage, mozzarella, and cooked radicchio.


Despite its girth, the crust was soft, airy, and not stodgy at all.  I really enjoyed how the tangy tomato sauce and bitter radicchio help cut down the heavier flavours of the mushroom and sausage.  The contrasting flavours, and great topping to crust ratio, made the Monti the best pizza I ate.
In addition to rectangular slices of pizza, Zero Zero also serves Pane Roma for $4.25.  I’m not sure if the one I got is listed on their menu.  It had either thinly sliced roasted Turkey or Pork, red onions, arugula, cheese and tomato sauce.


Unlike the five pizza al taglio I tried, I felt the crust was tougher and much chewier.  It also weighs less than the rustic pizzas.  I think I prefer the pizza than the pane roma.
As I mentioned earlier, Zero Zero is not the only eatery that sells Roman style pizza.  Scuie has been selling pizza by weight for a few years and have multiplied into several downtown locations.  Part of the reason I weighed Zero Zero’s offerings was I wanted to see how their price stacked up against Scuie, who’s pizza resembles Zero Zero’s Pane Roma and goes for $3.20 per 100 grams.
Based on the weight of Zero Zero’s slices, they are much cheaper than Scuie and have a better crust in my opinion.  After careful inspection, Zero Zero is not as expensive as I originally thought given the weight of the pizza, the quality of the crust and toppings.
Despite the nice airy and light crust Zero Zero had, I think I just prefer the topping to crust ratio that Neopolitan/NYC pizzas have which is why this a meh for me.  However if you prefer heartier pizza, Zero Zero may be a good place to visit.  Although I did like the Monti and may stop by the Crosstown pizzeria just for that slice.
Zero Zero Pizzeria
415 Abbott Street
Vancouver, BC
778 379 6400

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