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Hello.  It’s me.  I’m in California dreaming…….Wait! NO, I don’t want to talk about my past relationships, especially the on and off one I have with blogging.  December was busier that I anticipated and blogging took a back seat to the holiday fun and feasting.  I hope everybody had a good back half of December.
During my hiatus, I have taken lots of pictures and notes of eateries I visited.  As such, I will try my best to type out some posts now that I’m back on a regular work schedule.
My year end staff dinner happened at Bauhaus at the beginning of December 2015, and it presented an unusual opportunity.  Not only did I get to enjoy the haute cuisine tasting menu but I got to sample some classic German dishes on the a la carte menu as well.

This post may have less commentary from myself than usual.  The dinner was a celebration of all the hard work and goals my colleagues and I successfully achieved, so I was busy being merry; couldn’t break out the caliper and loupe, and be all anti-social and too food obsessive.
Whether one wants to be intellectually provoked or just wants a plate of meat and potatoes in their belly, Bauhaus can deliver both.  Personally, I rather have a chef challenge my notions of food; as a result I prefer the tasting menu which I’ll discuss first.


A foie gras amuse bouche starting off the meal.  The rich duck liver was paired with a sweet beet jam to help harmonize this little sampler.


Owner Uwe Boll had swung by to greet our table and stated the salmon course in the tasting menu was one of his favourites from Michelin star chef Stefan Hartmann’s kitchen.  After the first bite, I totally get it.  The salmon was incredibly tender and full of flavour.  The black salsify (ribbon and nubs on the plate) provided contrasting texture and bursts of tartness.


The next dish was a delicious poached sole accentuated with dehydrated bacon fat.  The white specs on the plate is the dehydrated bacon fat – all the flavour but not of the grease.


Like omakase, the dishes started to get heavier in terms of their tastes as we got further along the tasting menu.  A ruby red seared venison was our third course.  The meat was juicy and soft.  The meat was quite mild in flavour and not as gamey I thought it would be.  The shallot and parsley root purees under the meat were earthy and buttery.


More venison arrived with a plate of braised deer shoulder, which was melt in your mouth.  The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the brioche dumpling, which I thought was a bit stodgy.


The dessert that concluded the tasting menu was a modern take on plum cake.  Sitting on top of a short cookie base were dehydrated plums.  I was impressed with Chef Hartmann’s use of dehydrating to achieve a less watery plum that had a concentrated flavour.  Completing the confection was a cinnamon ice cream and a gluehwein punch meringue
My boss decide he wanted to try the German fare and went on a meat Rampage by ordering the braised beef roulade, schnitzel and sauerbraten for himself off the Bauhas a la carte menu.  I think he realized he went a little Postal and decided to share parts of his meal with the rest us; seriously he was having meat sweats but loved every bite.


Of the three, I loved the Sauerbraten the most.  The beef was so flavourful and tender – very drool worthy.  I also enjoyed the carrot & potato mash, which was sweet and buttery.  This was a simple yet well executed meat and potato dish.


My second favourite dish was the Schnitzel.  The pork cutlet was light but crispy.  The cranberry marmalade salad was a nice contrast to the schnitzel.


My least favourite was the Roulade but it may not be its fault.  I sampled this dish after my salmon course and as a result, the beef roll felt really coarse in comparison.  It also didn’t help that the bread dumpling I didn’t like was also a part of this dish.  I did like the sauerkraut that came with this dish; it was tart without being overwhelming.
When I peaked on Bauhaus’ website, the tasting menu had not changed yet.  When it does, I definitely want to return.  I know for some, the food from the tasting menu may seem like little dollops and dabs of food but high talent is need to craft high quality ingredients into those simple looking plates.  Personally the food engaged my palate and my mind; I was blown away with the various things that were dehydrated.  The 5 courses of the tasting menu were filling.
My experience at Bauhaus was tremendous and probably the best meal I have had in while.  The room, service and food were top notch.  I’m happy to see the restaurant get some recognize from Alex Gill and the Globe and Mail on their year-end best list Hopefully more Vancouverites will come to appreciate the food that is coming out of the Bauhaus kitchen in 2016 as it’s stellar.
Bauhaus Restaurant
1 W Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2J2
604 974 1147
Instagram: @bauhausrestaurant

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