Venn Can I Eat? #4 – There Better Be Coffee

May 24, 2016: You snooze, you lose! I feel so un-Vancouver by admitting this but I really enjoy sleeping in on the weekends – no 7am hikes/runs/breakfasts for me on Saturdays.  This is why I haven’t gone to as many Farmers Markets in the summer as I would like.  I find that by noon, most of the unique veggies and fruits have been snapped up.  So if I do want to go a Farmer’s Market, in particular the Trout Lake edition, I treat that day like a work day and set my alarm.
To the early birds and Farmers Market supporters, what has been your favourite find?  Give me some drool worthy motivation to attend more of Vancouver’s wonderful Farmers Markets this summer.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. grayelf says:

    I go early to get 1) eggs 2) padrones 3) zucchini flowers.


  2. Moyen Chow says:

    Oh, Farm Fresh Eggs would be worth getting up for! I haven't had Farmers Market Fresh Egg since my last trip to the North Shore on Oahu and those were amazing!


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