Just Wow! Banh Mi Saigon

Fresh baked baguette andBMS Dual Half BM

Ample fillings, makes for wow

At Banh Mi Saigon


I’m so late to the game when it comes to Banh Mi Saigon.  It’s been on my radar ever since Dennisthefoodie started singing its praises when they first opened about two years ago.  I finally made the trek out to the Victoria Drive area to pick up some sandwiches from the eatery.


There are a lot of places that sell banh mi.  However, the thing that puts Banh Mi Saigon on another level is that they do their own baking.


One of my pet peeves with eating sandwiches is when places use stale bread that is still soft enough on the inside but the outside crust has hardened.  The old outer layer has morphed into a weapon that assaults the roof of your mouth.

BMS Dual Full BM

Fortunately with the fresh baguette made by Banh Mi Saigon, the outside was wonderfully crusty but shatters and dissolves with each chew thereby preventing top of the mouth injuries.

BMS Half Side 4some

I was impressed with amount of vegetable and meat filling put into each banh mi.  Each order had good portions of pickled julienned daikon and carrots, refreshing cucumber, spicy jalapeño peppers and fatty butter and mayo.


I love cilantro so I would have liked more than a sprig of the herb included.  I’ll ask for more next time.  The ladies making the sandwiches are accommodating to requests on the veggies but I wanted to see what the default was on this trip.

BMS Chicken Inside

The banh mi ga was my favourite.  Chunks of dark meat chicken were used and its meatier, gamy flavour complimented the strong tart pickled daikon and carrots.


In contrast, the vegetables overwhelmed the cold cuts in the other sandwich.  There was a sufficient amount of cold cuts but only a skimpy uneven layer of rich, savoury pate.  The sliced meats are naturally lighter in taste.

BMS Cold Cut Inside

Although it is $3 more expensive, my favourite cold cut banh mi comes from DD Mau, as they are generous with their house made pate. The pate is really needed to help offset the sour pickles and creaminess from the butter and mayo used.


Despite the lack of pate, the sandwiches from Banh Mi Saigon were impressive.  The fresh bread and ingredients, and solid allotment of filling are what keep this place full of customers.


I was also hoping to pick up some of their in-house baked pork pie pastries on this visit but the stories of their morning sell outs are true.  Thankfully, good food is one the few things I’m willing to wake up early for. Next Time.


Banh Mi Saigon

5397 Victoria Dr

Vancouver, BC V5P 3V6

Phone: (778) 379-9992


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